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The DEC4 Podcast takes a deep dive into classic entertainment and culture, with an emphasis on the United Kingdom, US and Australia. Talking film and television, social history, nostalgia, and a little rock and roll. Produced and presented by George Fairbrother, who is joined by regular contributors and special guests.

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Podcast General Terms and Conditions for Guests and Listeners

We aim to present an entertaining, informative, relaxed and enjoyable conversation. Parts may be edited for continuity and flow, to ensure the best quality audio, or to be retained for future use. Podcasts will be uploaded in audio only, and any video captured during the recording process will be deleted. Our preferred conferencing platform is riverside.fm.

Episodes will be made available indefinitely on Soundcloud, Amazon Music, Spotify and Apple/iTunes, and distributed to other platforms via Anchor. Some promotional extracts or complete episodes may also be uploaded to social media including Facebook, YouTube and/or Vimeo, but in audio format only. 

Episodes and associated newsletters, articles and other general content are available free and licenced under Creative Commons.

In matters of Fair Use (Copyright), we are guided by the Center for Media and Social Impact. (American University – School of  Communication).  Link here to their codes of best practice for Fair Use.​

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If you reach out to us using the template above, or by direct or otherwise private messaging on social media, neither your contact information nor other personal details will be disclosed to any other website, individual or entity. General feedback, comments and questions are always welcome and will be answered personally where appropriate, and we may post selected extracts on this site or other platforms, or refer to them in a future podcast, however we will not identify the contributors without their express permission.  

George Fairbrother

George Fairbrother is the producer and presenter of the DEC4 Podcast, and the author of the Armstrong and Burton political fiction series and Lost in Solway. He is also an executive producer of The Bill Podcast, and the scripted audio series, Letter from Helvetica.

His interests include working-class and cultural history, classic rock music, post-war British cinema and television, and Hollywood in the studio era.