Our leading contributor and consultant is Gary Wells, a writer and commentator on mid-20th century popular culture, encompassing media, film, music and books. His website, ‘Your Home for Vintage Leisure’,, is read all around the world by many thousands of loyal fans.

You can also hear Gary with his regular segment, Words With Wellsy, on the Cocktail Nation Podcast, and follow his active social media.

Our podcast theme and incidental music are written by Michael Falge and Detlef Wolff, and performed by Gainesville; keeping the spirit of Tom Petty alive in Europe and playing great live rock and roll.

Get to know the band, and listen to a studio sample as well as some live selections from their website here, and more on YouTube. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Stage photography by Fonse Demmelhuber.

We’re grateful to Steve Collins for technical support and advice, and for voicing our closing credits. Steve is a genuine legend of Australian radio production, having worked in public and commercial radio at the highest level, and with some of the biggest local and international music acts during the golden age of pub rock.

Steve joined us to recall the Sydney live scene in the 1970s, and working at pioneering rock radio station 2JJ, in our Once Upon a Time in Sydney episode.

Steve has a huge following for his travel commentary, you can keep up with his latest adventures at his YouTube channel and at tellmewhere2go.

Oliver Crocker is a filmmaker, podcaster, and leading writer and historian on classic British television. He is the author of three successful and acclaimed books; Witness Statements: Making The Bill Series 1-3 and Making The Bill 1988, as well as All Memories Great and Small.

His ongoing project, The Bill Podcast, has had over 300 000 plays in 50 countries, and according to Listen Notes is in the top 1.5 percent of podcasts globally.

Oliver joined us over two episodes to discuss everything from The Bill and Dad’s Army to adventures in guerrilla indie filmmaking. Link here for the episodes and background articles.

Oliver is producing a scripted audio podcast series, written by and starring Andrew Mackintosh (DS Greig in The Bill), and also starring fellow The Bill legend Natalie Roles (DS McAllister).

(George Fairbrother and DEC4 Publishing are co-sponsors of The Bill Podcast and Letter From Helvetica.)